Are You Madd Enough Vol.7

Jared Adelson

Madd Gear's yearly: "Are You Madd Enough" video is one that will blow your mind each and every year. Featuring countless truly next-level tricks from the Madd Gear team paired with incredible video production to showcase the true capabilites of what is possible on a Scooter at the highest level. This is one you do not want to miss.

Featuring: Jordan Clark, Charley Dyson, Indy Clayson, Jake Chatterley, Jordan Hall, Dexter Williams, Juzzy Carter, Jared Colwell, Rhys Rogers, Jayden Stanley, Timon Kunze, Corey Ridge, Daan Melis, Malte Blum, Logan Finch, Myles Johnson, Logan Machan, Bence Chlumetzky and Robert Blaine.

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