Episode 1: Introducing The OHLAY Brand Podcast w/ Jared Adelson

Jared Adelson

Welcome to the first episode of The OHLAY Brand Podcast where host, Jared Adelson, takes you through his journey as an individual and a scooter rider; as well as, through the process and reasons he has created OHLAY Brand and this podcast.

While this episode takes you through the mind of Jared, all future episodes will take you through the mind of our guests, the world's best scooter riders and unique individuals of today. This show will deliver tools, habits, lessons learned, and tactical advice from the worlds most unique riders to you. The hopes of this podcast is to constantly be motivating, inspiring, entertaining, and providing valuable insight for individuals around the world.

Listen to the OHLAY Brand Podcast offline anywhere in the world on Spotify, Radio Public, Google Podcasts, and more. Download the podcast and listen on the road, at the skatepark or wherever you would like.

View Jared's Best Scooter Riding Here: 



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